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My art making practice is deeply rooted in place. My early work explores family identity and embellished narratives. ‘Origin stories’ and flood imagery from my hometown are referenced to enquire about the authenticity of personal and collective memory.

Based in Vancouver, B.C., I live and work in a neighborhood that is characterized by dislocation, transience and instability. This has lead me to a focus on borderlands and contested territories in my work. Through research and a versatile studio practice, I seek to reduce overwhelming socio-political situations to the human scale. My artistic interventions utilize the interplay between politics and poetics to disrupt common assumptions.

I use materials with previous histories; shotgun shells from small town Washington, ceramic pieces from Hebron and linens from Northern Ireland. These materials allow for layered narratives to emerge. My preferred mediums include video, social praxis, textiles, collage and sculpture.